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Incite's CRM, called Relation Net, couples the issue tracking of ITC with the accounting information available from your accounting system, for example SEI's ODR or Pershing - though we can manage data from any source.

Blending data

Relation Net adds a layer of knowledge on top of the accounting data to blend multiple accounts into a single view, to define family relationship, and corporate relationships - such as outside lawyers and trust advisors.   On the personal trust side, for example, this lets an account manager look at a client's asset allocation across all of a customers accounts or across all family members accounts.

Different views

Accounts and assets can be looked at by account manager, investment officer, product line, or any group you wish to define. As more accounting information is available, more things can be tracked, such as Out of Balances or a calendar showing all the bonds maturing over the next month for one investment advisor, across all of his accounts.

Add ons

Lots of add-ons are possible.   One that we have already built is asset allocation.   Asset Allocation goals may be specified per account or account group and accounts may be automatically examined for adherence to the allocation goals.

Because Relation Net is tied into ITC, all issues that are logged with an account number are automatically related to accounts and can be viewed by account or by relationship or by investment officer.