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FranTax™ - Business Franchise Tax Payment System

FranTax™ enables corporations, limited liability companies, registered agents, law firms, and incorporating firms to file an annual report, pay franchise tax, recalculate taxes, and file amendments on a real-time basis with the State of Delaware. The system is based on Microsoft technologies utilizing Active Server Page (ASP) web design with a back-end featuring Microsoft Access or SQL Server 2005.  FranTax™ communicates directly with the state of Delaware with an XML interface. Sample FranTax™ clients.

ITC™ - issue tracking and control

ITC™,the Issue Tracking and Control solution, is a knowledge-based product for tracking problems, issues and their resolutions.   It is used by a variety of organizations in financial services, software development, and client support environments.

Issues presented to your organization as problems, issues, questions, and requests for special consideration are constantly being generated by your staff, your customers, and your prospects.   Some of these issues can be responded to immediately, others may require the involvement of additional personnel in your organization, other units within your company, or even outside vendors.   Furthermore, some of these issues may require multiple people and multiple organizations to respond to the issue.

Tracking these issues is critical to successful organizational and client management.   Issue closure has become increasingly complex as organizations have become larger, often geographically dispersed over multiple states or countries.   Additional complexity has been created because many organizations have bundled multiple services into a single product offering.

ITC™ automates many of the tasks required to log, track, escalate, resolve, and report on all of the issues coming into you organization - freeing your staff to focus on your core business and providing the basis for identifying recurring/systemic that need attention.

Online Incorporator - providing technology solutions for law firms

The Online Incorporator is designed for law firms and companies that provide incorporation and registered agent services, but have limited or no online presence for this product category, and are manually capturing customer and incorporation data, manually filling in required state forms, manually tracking recurring fees, and manually billing.

Our product solution provides a range of customizable features depending on a firm's needs and budget.   It is capable of providing a turnkey online marketing, e-commerce, and back office automation solution.

Online incorporators are not only earning fee income for their incorporation services, but are also paving the way for recurring fees and a possible broader client relationship in the future.   Why let competitors with online filing and payment capability attract potential clients, when your firm can offer the same services to them with the Online Incorporator?

Asset Analyzer - investment asset management tool

Our Asset Analyzer product is designed for intra/internet use by brokers and consumers to target diversified investment choices.   There are 4 basic components to the Asset Analyzer tool - the Asset Importer, Profile Builder, the Questionnaire, and the Recommendation.   An important feature of the Asset Analyzer is its ability to report on asset allocations across multiple accounts and investment locations, thus producing a true picture of asset allocation.

Asset diversification, or spreading your assets across a variety of different investments, is perhaps the most important rule you can follow as an investor.   Diversifying among sectors and industry groups is a way to reduce risk and improve long-term returns.   Studies have shown that diversification has been responsible for over 90% of investment return, when compared to market timing or individual security selection.

Relation Net - customer relationship management

To help build your business around your customers, Incite Solutions provides Relation Net, a customer relationship management solution that helps businesses manage their relationships with customers in order to enhance sales, provide excellent customer service, and drive profitability.

Easy to deploy and use, it is accessible from the Web and integrates with other business systems in order to blend data and provide comprehensive customer views.