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Asset Analyzer

The Asset Analyzer is designed for intra/internet use by brokers and consumers to target investment choices. It can analyze both risk tolerance (stocks versus bonds) as well as asset diversification (utilities versus internet stocks). There are four basic components to the Asset Analyzer - the Asset Importer, Profile Builder, the Questionnaire, and the Recommendation.

Asset Importer

The Asset Importer imports customers holding records from their financial account system (i.e. Pershing, SEI, or Sungard). Assets may also be input by hand.

Profile Builder

The Profile Builder is used to create and update the targeted recommendations. A financial analyst creates "risk factor" data structures. Each "profile" is a self-contained description of the different percentage allocations that make up an entire recommendation. Once a customer completes the questionnaire, the answers are tabulated and the resulting "risk factor" matches a "profile".


The Questionnaire is a series of questions designed to estimate a customers risk tolerance. All entries are date tracked to create history for customer activity. A customer can generate more than one questionnaire with each questionnaire having only one risk profile. Each questionnaire is captured and named as a separate set of responses and resulting profile. Customers can create as many separate questionnaires and profile result sets as you permit. Questionnaire may be done by account or by relationship.


The recommendation is a PDF that compares the customers risk tolerance against their current asset allocation and makes recommendations for balancing the portfolio to match their risk tolerance. The recommendations can be customized to present your firms specific equity recommendations.

Sample Recommendation 1 Sample Recommendation 2