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Issue Tracking and Control - ITC

Tracking all problems, issues and their resolutions is critical to successful organizational and client management.

Inquiries presented to your organization as problems, issues, questions, and requests for special consideration are constantly being generated by your staff, your customers, and your prospects.  Many of these Inquiries are responded to immediately, others may require the involvement of additional personnel in your organization, other units within your company, or even outside vendors.  Furthermore, some of these Inquiries may require multiple people and multiple organizations to respond to the issue.

Inquiry closure has become increasingly complex as organizations have become larger, often geographically dispersed over multiple states or countries.  Additional complexity has been created because many financial organizations have bundled multiple services into a single product offering.

Until now, there has not been an integrated solution which would enable organizations to:


ITC represents a quantum leap in problem tracking, communications management, and resolution automation.  It is the only product currently available based on the concept of capturing all issues and communications at the source.

By design, ITC is a background application resident on everyone's desktop.  A mere click on one's Windows toolbar enables any employee to route an Inquiry throughout the organization or log communication with a client or vendor.  ITC is better than E-mail because it keeps track of the resolution of each Inquiry and builds a knowledge base, which can be applied to other issues.  Inquiry Logs can be analyzed to identify trends and systemic problems.