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FranTax™ enables corporations, limited liability companies, registered agents, law firms, and incorporating firms to file an annual report, pay franchise tax, recalculate taxes, and file amendments on a real-time basis with the State of Delaware. The system is based on Microsoft technologies utilizing Active Server Page (ASP) web design with a back-end featuring Microsoft Access or SQL Server 2005.  FranTax™ communicates directly with the state of Delaware with an XML interface. 

Once a business entity is formed, a registered agent�s ongoing revenue from that entity is generally limited to agent fees�and only as long as the entity maintains its legal status and doesn�t switch agents. In addition, the registered agent�s business relationship beyond the initial formation is limited and, therefore, vulnerable to attrition.

The State of Delaware�s requirement for online Franchise Tax & Annual Report Filing is an opportunity for registered agents to earn additional revenue, maintain business relationships, and manage their own operations more effectively. FranTax™ clients.

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