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FranTax™ enables corporations, limited liability companies, registered agents, law firms, and incorporating firms to file an annual report, pay franchise tax, recalculate taxes, and file amendments on a real-time basis with the State of Delaware. The system is based on Microsoft technologies utilizing Active Server Page (ASP) web design with a back-end featuring Microsoft Access or SQL Server 2005.  FranTax™ communicates directly with the state of Delaware with an XML interface. 

Once a business entity is formed, a registered agent’s ongoing revenue from that entity is generally limited to agent fees…and only as long as the entity maintains its legal status and doesn’t switch agents. In addition, the registered agent’s business relationship beyond the initial formation is limited and, therefore, vulnerable to attrition.

The State of Delaware’s requirement for online Franchise Tax & Annual Report Filing is an opportunity for registered agents to earn additional revenue, maintain business relationships, and manage their own operations more effectively. FranTax™ clients.

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