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Successful business organizations recognize the importance of technology in running an efficient operation and maintaining their competitive edge.   For many businesses, however, size and/or sophistication limit their effective use of technology tools.

Oftentimes technology is relegated to the daily administration of these advanced "tools" by part-time support personnel, employees identified as "computer savvy," or, employees eager to learn more about technology by taking on the task of "system support" along with their primary responsibilities.   With limited time, experience, and expertise, these part-time system administrators spend virtually all of their "admin" hours reacting to crisis situations, responding to end-user issues, calling on vendors to deliver on-site support when problems grow beyond their capabilities, and even developing workaround software solutions.   Solutions and problem solving are reactive rather than proactive in approach.   Rarely are critical issues such as planning, gap analysis, or documentation addressed as a part of a daily administration process.

Researching and selecting the proper software and technology approach can be an extremely complex and time-consuming task.   Without a working knowledge of software technology and system enterprise principles, securing the anticipated value from your investment can be guesswork at best.

Our team of highly skilled software and technology experts draw on many years of experience and recognize the importance of fully understanding workflow, existing systems and control, allowing us to provide assistance in:

After gaining an understanding of your business, multiple solutions are generally presented, allowing you to decide what options are best suited for your current needs, future plans, and your budget.