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Web Hosting Package

Incite Solutions offers comprehensive web hosting services for the sites we build.  Our hosting package includes:

Our hosting services are competitively priced.  Prices and number of support hours vary depending on the size and complexity of our client's site.

As we are offering a bundled service, the per hour cost of maintenance, support and upgrades is being provided at a discounted fixed hours rate.  Should a client wish to receive services on an unbundled basis, we can accommodate them by charging for administration and hosting services only, and providing other services on an hourly basis at a market rate.

Domain names

If available, a Domain name must be purchased and registered.  The registry fee for the Domain name is yearly, though it may be purchased for several years at once.  Incite provides the first year of Domain name registration for free on the sites it builds for clients.

Search Engine Optimization

We will work out, with you, which words are most important to your Internet profile.  These words then form the basis of your search engine presence.  When we build a site, we use these words and techniques to make sure the site is as search engine friendly as possible.  So when a search engine visits your site, it can easily find its key points and rank it accordingly.  We make quarterly submissions to internet search engines on behalf of our clients to ensure a high profile for the sites we build.