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Nonprofit Mission:

The management of Incite Solutions is actively involved in the Wilmington nonprofit community, and has identified what it believes are three critical resource needs that are currently not being met. The company is committed to providing its experience, skills, and services to help meet these needs:

IT support

Nonprofit organizations typically do not have the expertise to handle the range of IT issues necessary to support their operations and ensure they stay current as technology changes and their needs evolve. Access to consistent IT support will free nonprofits up to do what they do best, and enhance the likelihood that they will fully achieve their mission. The range of needs in this area include:

Software Development and Information Management

Technology solutions to improve delivery of nonprofit services begin with providing the expertise to assist in detailing operational processes, identifying data collection needs and methods, and articulating desired outcomes. The custom technology solutions that flow from this structured framework can transform the way a nonprofit operates, by automating manual processes, utilizing data more fully, improving client service, and measuring activities and outcomes in a way that it has never done before. In short, an application development environment to meet the specific needs of individual nonprofits, to include:

Coordinated Service Delivery System - Connecting Wilmington®

There are myriad of services offered by nonprofits, faith based institutions and government entities to address a variety of needs in Wilmington's communities. One impediment to coordinating these resources is a system that enables an integrated, cross-agency and cross-discipline management of an overall plan to effectively address any particular problem in a community. Providing a coordinated assistance system would maximize the contribution of each service provider, and increase the likelihood that the targeted problem will be addressed comprehensively and effectively. It would also enhance the ability to measure outcomes. Such a system would do the following: