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Bulletin Board Notices

ITC provides a central bulletin board where formal communication can be directed to your employees. – Systems Availability, Generic Problems, and Notices can be posted on ITC and automatically expired.

Inquiry Logging

Inquiries are logged immediately at the source from every desktop so there is no filling in forms, no FAX, no E-mail, no lost time, and no misinterpretation of the need or issue. – At the initiator's desktop, one can always monitor the progress on resolving their Inquiries. – ITC also allows communications with vendors and clients to be logged for subsequent vendor, business unit, or client relationship management.

Automatic Assignment

Decentralizing the capture of Inquiries requires that your inquiry tracking system have the intelligence to know your organization. – By product or by services, ITC routes inquiries to the best available staff for resolution. – And, with the interface to scheduling systems, ITC knows when employees are in meetings, on vacation, or otherwise unavailable and re-routes their Inquiries to backup personnel.

Customized Inquiry logging

It can be important to provide different input forms to different end users. – Customers or external administrators need a simpler input form, one with fewer option and more powerful routing logic, than the back office personnel.

Integration with company wide files

Automatically add additional information to an Inquiry based on company wide control files such as Asset or Account Master. – CUSIP and account numbers may be automatically verified and related information such as Account Manager or asset name or bond maturity dates can be included in the inquiry description.

Powerful Search & Cross Reference Capability

The Search Engine in ITC allows any user to search by product, status, priority, customer, responsible party, or any combination of elements in the knowledge base ITC maintains. – Information can be marked as confidential and only users with appropriate levels of authorization can review that information.


ITC integrates easily with other applications in your institution. – Notification is sent to E-mail systems, FAX and Pagers.

Escalation Management

When Inquiries are logged; ITC understands your institutional priorities and can automatically escalate them if the assigned person is not responding timely. – With the E-mail interface, when employees read their E-mail, it will update the status as accepted. – If they delete E-mail without the courtesy of reading it, it will be instantaneously escalated. – And of course, E-mail will always be sent to the originator of an inquiry when that inquiry is completed.

Service Level Agreements

Service Level Agreement Performance (success rate to established standards) has become a management tool used frequently in relationship management meetings. – While the client/vendor relationship usually exists between two companies, it is becoming increasingly more common between groups with a single company. – Frequently, front office client relationship managers are negotiating service level standards with their back office, operational support groups.

Flexible Architecture to Define Your Organization

ITC is parameter driven enabling each organization to install it to meet the unique needs of their business. – You control when things get escalated, to whom ITC assigns tasks or FAXes, and much more. – You can begin using it for one product or project or all products and services you provide and those provided to you.

Integrates into Your Environment

While revolutionizing how you process Inquiries, ITC fits into your existing infrastructure. – With interfaces for E-mail, and Web pages you can leverage your traditional communication media while capturing additional information and expediting resolutions.

Management Reporting –

ITC provides clear and concise reports to management on trends, statuses, priorities, products, vendors and groups. – Depending on how much information you add, you can even track performance of estimates and actual amounts for hours, dollars, and completion dates. – Some of the reports have 'drill down' capabilities, which provide you with successive levels of detail by merely clicking on your mouse. – These reports augment the powerful search capabilities of ITC.

Client Management

With ITC, you can add comments on communications with clients, and report across all areas, discussions and problems associated with that client. – It facilitates client management and increases the perception that relationship managers are totally aware of all issues with that client. – ITC positions them to be successful and provides management with an internal scorecard.

Delivery System

Designed in the Microsoft Windows operating environment, ITC is compatible with the most frequently used desktop computers in financial services today. – It is a LAN based, client-server application. The graphical user interface is easy to use, and more importantly, intuitive to virtually every user.

In summary, ITC is more than a help desk system; it empowers employees and customers to take control of their issues. It reengineers and automates the way you process exceptions and questions, and track routine communications. It provides a knowledge base, which can be applied to other Inquiries, provides management information for control and problem solving, and expedites resolution of issues.